Lost Detroit
  Lost Detroit and BuildingsofDetroit.Com grew from an obsession with the built environment of Detroit. Ten years and 70,000 photos worth of documentation and research has made us into stewards of Detroit's architectural past. We have lead almost two dozen lectures art various venues, like libraries and galleries from Detroit to San Francisco. Over the years, custom and personal tours have been given to groups as small as one person, to an entire tour bus of interested people from The Netherlands.

Lectures and tours can be as specific or as broad as desired. Want a lecture on architect Minoru Yamasaki's work and influence in Detroit? We can do it. Want a tour of the best dive bars in the city? We can do that too.

We also do location scouting for your next Detroit movie.

Every booking is personalized, whether you are an organization, or an out of town urban explorer. Please fill out the form with your name, email, and a summary of what you want to see and when. We'll make it happen!


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